The Team

St Andrews iGEM Team 2019

Gold Medal Winners!

Gordian Gruentuch, Sarah Jackson, James Hammond, Gregor Vagg, Eleonora Shantsila
Zsolt Semperger, Cam Young, Ben Gillen, Amy Buck, Veronika Lachina
Georgie Brown, Margarita Chalganova, Thomas Storey
Not pictured:
Students – Morganne Wilbourne
Supervisors – Anne Smith, Kirsten Bentley, Clarissa Czekster, Helder Ferreira, Chris Hooley, John Mitchell, Uli Schwarz-Linek
Advisors – Jack Briggs

The 2019 Andrews iGEM Team consisted of undergraduates from the Schools of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Physics & Astronomy. On the advisory side are academics from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics & Astronomy, and a Computer Science postgrad.

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Past Teams:

St Andrews iGEM Team 2018 – Bronze Medal Winners!

St Andrews iGEM Team 2012 – Gold Medal Winners! Best New BioBrick Part, Natural (Europe)

St Andrews iGEM Team 2011 – Gold Medal Winners! Human Practices Honourable Mention (Europe)

St Andrews iGEM Team 2010 – Gold Medal Winners!

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